Stockings inspired by 50 shades of Gray

Hello girls!
After the success of the famous Triology of 50 shades of Gray has served as inspiration for jewels, sexy lingerie ... and now comes the stockings inspired by 50 Shades of Gray.
To me the truth is that I did not like the books very much, the first one I liked but the second and third I did not like them, because they did not credible.
The half-inked in 50 shades of Gray have been created by French designers who say they will grow their sexiest and daring designs. One of the brands that dared to design these stockings is Wolfrod that has launched a great collection attractive and with a touch of sensuality.
From now on we can all be Anastasia Steele !! Do you dare? let's see them.

1. These for my taste are too exaggerated, I would not use them but to taste the colors.

2. These are perhaps the most wearable, to me are the ones I like the most.

3. These look like a mix of tiger stockings or something like that.

4. These say that they are also wearable, but to be honest they are not much of my style.

What do you think these so sexy stockings of 50 shades of Gray ?