My opinion on Cosmeticuse brand products Is everything that glitters gold?

Good morning Beauty !!
Today I wanted to tell you about a website that sells all kinds of cosmetics with beautiful packaging , it's called Cosmeticuse , and it's a web beauty blog , where in addition to the products they also give us advice.

What they say about the cosmetic Cosmeticuse?

Cosmeticuse is a website specialized in skin care, we can find hand creams, nourishing creams, serum, exfoliating gel, tonics , lip balm, body oils, sun milk, soothing creams ...
I show you the products of feminine cosmetics that I am testing are those of the Cest Chic brand , a brand new for me until I test these products.

C'est chic, bases its cosmetics on natural ingredients, without parabens and not tested on animals . Something that I liked a lot.

What is my opinion about Cosmeticuse brand products?

Body milk with pearl powder cèst chic , is a body milk formulated with last generation raw materials that give the skin of the whole body a silky touch but not greasy, while facilitating hydration.

Its size is 250 ml and its price is € 22.50.

My opinion on the cest chic body cream:

Its texture is Like water, it moisturizes a lot and also is not sticky at all. It is a very light and fresh cream that I recommend to all girls who do not like creams too doughy and that cost a lot to stretch them.

It is absorbed very quickly and leaves the skin very finite. Another thing that I liked and that has nothing to do with its effects, is that it has a very nice boat. I leave a photo for you to appreciate it better, because a beauty blog without photos does not add much.

Hand cream with c'est chic fig extract:

It is a "multipurpose" cream, ideal for the whole body, every person and diverse applications, (hardened feet, scourges in newborns and adults, for after shaving and waxing, after bathing or showering, or after sun exposure, etc.)

Even though this fig cream is multipurpose I I only use it for my hands and elbows. It absorbs quickly and leaves a light smell very pleasant and lasts an eternity. It's one of my favorite hand creams.

Cream nutritious c'est chic:

This cream prevents the appearance of wrinkles, facilitating skin reconstruction. It also acts by decongesting the skin and favoring its oxygenation. I have not tried it yet, because I use free samples to use them when I go on a trip so that I do not have to take big bottles that take up a lot of space in the suitcase.

According to the brand, the result is a skin with a healthy, silky, hydrated and toned look.

Spiral cream, cream is rich in the active ingredients of the snail slime, which act in an extraordinarily favorable way on the skin, regenerating it, providing stability and flexibility, softness and nutrition, as well as a progressive natural exfoliating effect that results in a renewed skin.

What is my general opinion about Cest chic products?

Cosmetics for women of Cosmeticuse I liked them a lot because they are very good and they also take care of every detail, have you seen the box in which the cream comes? It looks like a gem.Did you know Cosmeticuse ? Kisses !!