Manicure + Pedicure + Massage + Paraffin for feet or hands to choose + enamel.

Hello Beauty !!!
Today I wanted to tell you about a treatment of beauty that I have known thanks to Offerum.
Specifically it is about the treatment Manicure + Pedicure + Massage + Paraffin of feet or hands to choose + enamel.
It is a treatment that takes place in the Acqua Marina center in which now after the summer and after external aggressions such as chlorine, sea water ... you can treat yourself and pamper yourself with a complete pack.
Now you can take care of yourself from head to toe for only € 19.90 (the actual price of this treatment is € 50)
I think it's a good option now that we start the routine again and the price is a bargain !!
As you can see, this has also been a purchase low cost , because if you buy from this page the beauty treatments come out cheaper. Also, if you invite a friend and she buys you, they give you 10 euros to spend on the web.
What do you think of offerum offers? Do you like beauty treatments ? Kisses