Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted to tell you about LR Healt & Beauty Systems, it is a website that sells cosmetics for all our body and of which I had not yet spoken in this beauty blog.

What do they say about LR Health cosmetics?

This has the objective and the responsibility of offering all the people of the world the possibility of improving their quality of life: with innovative and affordable products, an attractive business model for the Advisors, multiple perspectives for all workers, as well as excellent quality and competence in everything that LR does.

The basis for this is the values ​​of LR: passion, confidence and responsibility, and now we go with the truth, because one thing is what the brand says and another reality ...

Opinion brand products LR Health & Beauty Systems:

I show you the pr cosmetic products that I have tried LR HEALTH & BEAUTY SYSTEMS, are a few but very special:

Glossy lipstick;

It is a combination of lipstick and gloss, leaving a discreet and very beautiful shine on the lips. To my surprise I liked it a lot, it does not dry out the lips that is something vital for me, and the lips are very juicy and pretty. This is the crystal berry 10031-6 although there are several colors. Its price is € 8.90.

As you can see in the image pigments a lot and is a very powerful color. I plan to try it in other colors.

Aloe vera facial scrub:

These are cleansing wipes that have a gel texture that leaves the skin finer without upsetting the balance of the skin. It is applied 2 or 3 times a week on the face on the face, neck and neckline to have a radiant and fresh skin. As I have already mentioned in the bad practice of using cleansing wipes to use wipes constantly is not good.

Therefore these wipes although I see that they are very good I only recommend them for occasions when we get home very tired, but nothing to use them daily or our skin will be resentful.

Your price it is 13.90 €

Perfume LR classics;

It is a perfume that smells very fresh with a combination of fragrances (lily, jasmine and peach) and its scent lasts all day. The truth that has surprised me a lot has a smell that I love, and the boat lasts a lot.

It also has a very affordable price for how good it smells 16.90 €
In addition to these products have enamels, hair products, all kinds of makeup and also products for the male sector. If you like to take care of your body on this website, you will find products of your interest.

What do you think about my opinion about the products of the LR Healt & Beauty system brand? Kisses