Low cost finished products

¡Hola Belleza !!

Today I come with another entry of low cost finished products , most are feminine cosmetics , already towards time I did not write any entry of this type because I have a hard time finishing things, I almost always get bored before and I leave them half-heartedly, and then eventually I'll pick them up again.

 Body cream johnson's baby

Body cream johnson's baby.

After a long time I got finish it yes! It was already the pot of this cream that was disgusting.

My opinion : it is a pretty good body cream that hydrates a lot, it is not sticky and it smells very good.

Price: around two euros.

Where to buy it: in any supermarket or bazaar.

Note: 8/10

I would buy it again: yes, but when it happens a little while now I have a bit of mania.

algae-capillary mask

Capillary seaweed mask

My opinion: I would never have bought this mask,

if I have it because it came in the beauty club box February, leaves half well, but I have tried them much cheaper and they are much better.
We also have to leave it 15 minutes to see some of their results, and the truth is that it's hard for me to wait so long, I'm not capable.But girls with long hair will be great.

Where to buy it: in avon.

Note: 7/10

Price: 7 euros when I bought it a long time ago

I would buy it again: no


Mask equilibrating for oily skin.

My opinion on this mask deliplues: is a good mask, remove the fat from the face although mime's is a little tight but nothing that can not fix with a cream moisturizer.

Price: I do not remember but cheap, I think it was around two euros.

Where to buy it: in mercadona.

Note: 8/10

I would buy it again: yes, but when I finish all the ones I have.

White clay shampoo and jasmine milk from Petit Marseillais

Shampoo white clay and milk jasmine le Petit Marseillais.

My opinion about this shampoo: I like this shampoo a lot, although I use it with others because if I always use the same one, I get dandruff. But even using it with others also if I noticed that my hair held "something" more time without fat.

Price: 2 - 3 euros

Where to buy it: in any supermarket


Note: 8/10

I would buy it again: Yes

Have you tried any of these low cost finished products? Do you like the deliplus cosmetics ? Kisses