Venpharma opinion

Holachicas !!
Today I wanted to tell you about a feminine cream of the brand Venpharma .

Who are vepharma ?

You, Nature and VenPharma . This is the relationship that gives meaning to your work. For this reason, since its foundation in 1976, they have only one purpose: to innovate to offer you solutions in the field of natural medicine.
They control both the development of products, and the marketing and distribution of them, so that we can find their products only in suitable establishments.
As they are a pharmaceutical laboratory, they carry out strict quality, efficacy and safety controls.

Royal Jelly Cream of Venpharma :

What the brand says of her, "Keep the hydration and the youthful appearance of your face and neck with this cream based on royal jelly and organic silicon. VenPharma Laboratories takes advantage of the nutrients contained in the Royal Jelly to give the hydration and nutrition that your skin needs. The organic siliceous acts on the collagen and the eslastina of your skin activating in this way its firmness and elasticity. "

What is the royal jelly cream made of venpharma?

Royal jelly, organic siliceous, beeswax and Shea Butter.

My opinion about the Cream of Royal Jelly of Venpharma , is a facial cream effectively remains very hydrated face. I put it on my face and neck and it is absorbed quickly. Leave the skin very bright and beautiful.
This cream prevents redness in winter which I appreciate. The only thing I do not like is its texture is a cream as well as water, but neither is it a great impediment to use it.
It is a day moisturizer, although the fact is that sometimes I have used it at night and I was well, the next day I noticed much more hydrated skin.
Its size is 50 ml, but yes true that its price is not very low cost, around 12 euros approximately .
What do you think about this Venpharma cream ? Kisses