Tricks to clean the oily skin of the face

Hello Beauty !!
Today on the blog I bring you some facial beauty tricks to clean the skin grease , I hate , the greasy skin of my face and I'm sure that all you have the skin like me, you want to clean it properly to not have that horrible fat.

How to know if your skin is oily?

If you are not sure that your skin is fat it is very easy to check, look in the T zone of your face if it is bright, if you have visible pores, spots, white spots or pimples ... welcome to the world of the accursed oily skin.

Beauty tricks to clean oily skin

1. A good nutrition is very important to clean the oily skin , it is best to eat low fat meats such as poultry. Chicken meat has a lot of fame, but there are many other birds that are also delicious. Avoid eating junk food and that contains a lot of fat.
2. Another good beauty trick for facial skin is to clean it gently with specific products, without irritating it, at least in the morning and at night, if you can do it once a day much better, and the best is use natural cleansing waters or similar
It is advisable to use all kinds of products for this skin, if you do not handle very well and do not know what products are exactly what you have to use, see the post Which Is the correct order to apply the creams?
3. Avoid alcohol on your face. There are many products for grains and black spots that contain this substance, we must avoid them. I recommend that you follow these BEAUTY TRICKS TO ELIMINATE THE GRAINS.
4. The hot water dries our skin a lot, it is better to wash our face with warm water to have a soft and flexible skin.
5. Use moisturizers every day, and when you go out, apply one that contains pfc to protect you from the sun.
6. Apply a mask once a week, if it can be made of white clay much better, since it absorbs more fat. In the event that you are a bit vague and do not want to make it homemade. If you do some homemade mask that I show you under much better.
7. Use wipes and specific creams to remove facial oils. As for example those that we saw of Comodynes.

Home beauty tricks to cleanse oily skin:

1. Aloe vera is one of our best beauty allies. To absorb the fat we apply ungel of aloe vera or we remove it directly from the plant. We leave the gel until it dries and then we remove it.
This home remedy we have to do it twice a week.
2. If the home remedy above did not like you or you do not have aloe vera try this one. We put water in a glass and the juice of a lemon or an orange in equal parts. Then we apply it on the face with a cotton disk. Do not apply it on the eyes.
3. For the third remediocasero we need.
- 3 strawberries.
- 1 pear.
- A glass of water.
- 10 tablespoons of clay
We crush the strawberries together with the pear and put them in a bowl with the 10 tablespoons of clay. Next we put 3 tablespoons of water. We put the mixture on our face for 15 minutes, at least once a week.
4. Beat an egg white about to snow and add a few drops of lemon. We apply it 10 minutes on the face and then rinse.
5. Finally the most easy remedy caseromás all, we put some orange shoots directly on the skin. We leave them for 15 minutes, after that time we remove them and wash with cold water.