Manicure with tattoos

Hello girls!
As you know I like easy manicures , so today you know you do not I have taken more than 5 minutes to do it, this manicure looks good for both long nails and short nails and I have done it quickly with temporary tattoos.
I do not know if you remember the post temporary tattoos for lips, because the small pieces that I cut keep them, here nothing is thrown, because it can always serve us for other things and with them I have made this manicure.

For this easy manicure you need:
- Nail base.
- White enamel.
- Piece of temporary tattoos.
- Top coat to protect the nails.

Step by step manicure with tattoos.

First we apply the base. When it is dry, apply one or two layers of white enamel. We wait until the enamel is completely dry. After sticking the temporary tattoo, we put it under the tap to remove the paper where it sticks. Finally when the water has dried we apply a top coat.

It's 5 seconds what it takes to get the tattoos and so we leave the manicure of the typical color and make a original manicure .

What do you think of this easy manicure ?