A thousand last low cost purchases

Hello girls!
Today I come with "my latest low cost cosmetic purchases" I've been doing them in different days and I'll put them to you so that they do not accumulate anymore, that if not then I'll always be left behind.
My first low cost purchase were these cotton discs from primark for € 1. It is impossible to resist the first purchases whenever you enter the stores you have to leave with something. Although these discs are no longer cotton I prefer those of mercadona, these primark come out a little cheaper but the quality of the others is much better.
These are very easy, I think that the word "despelusan" does not exist, but well most of you know what I mean, if you use these products.
- Primark socks come 5 pairs per € 3, the last you bought many balls came out, to have these come out. They are very pretty, but if you get balls, I will have to consider starting to buy socks in other places, because I HATE the balls of the socks.
- Enamels of essence, these I took them in douglass. They had a lot on sale at € 1.29 and I took these two tones that I did not have. It is not that this mark of enamels fascinates me, but because of its price, let's say it's not bad.
- Enamels of HyM a bargain came 3 for 1 €, and the other pack in which they come 3 cost 7.95 € also bring as a sticker to make beautiful drawings.
I think I will use them a lot, because with the stickers they are quite original.

- Anti-breakage shampoo by deliplus. Its price is € 1.70, how little I've used it is good, in general mercadona shampoos always tend to work, but I'm changing them so that my hair does not get used to them, because when my hair gets used to me it starts to get a lot of dandruff

Now I am combining this one with the one of the light green boat, also of the deliplus brand.

- Neceser of the Chinese € 4, I passed a bit because the fact is that it is quite large, and instead of a toilet bag looks like a suitcase.
- Sponges
b> 1 €, 3 came but I forgot and I opened them without wanting to. I use them to clean my face well with soap.
- Fatty anti-dandruff shampoo , I use it regularly and I like it a lot 1.70 €. This is the other shampoo that I mentioned above, with which I combine it.
- The nail file is not a purchase and I do not know why it appears in the photo, because I take it from my sister.
- Lakers T-Shirt , its price was € 9.99 but I took it for a € 1 deal, I got it at a flea market. It is where better bargains I usually find together with primark.
- Antiperspirant deodorant for feet by mercadona , I do not remember the price 2 euros and something I think, but come on I do not recommend it at all. I picked it up without realizing it and when I got home and looked at the ingredients I wanted to die.
Contains too many toxic ingredients that do not go with me. I usually like the cosmetic deliplus , so this is the exception product.
- And to finish my purchases low cost I bought this breast firming cream for € 6 I've already bought it other times and I like it a lot.Do you have any? Kisses Preview